Ronna's So-Called "Reason" For Staying Silent After 2020 Raises Eyebrows

It’s pretty apparent at this point that the RNC is about as rotten as they come.

Following the 2020 election, the RNC apparently raised $300 million to fight fraud in our elections, which is fantastic, but unfortunately, there’s no record of them giving even a dime to help Trump.


So where the heck did this money go?

Well, that’s exactly what many people want to know and RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is under some major heat for this suddenly missing money.

Here’s what we know now:

Rep Sabatini said this about the money RNC raised: “The Republican Party raised $300+ million claiming to fight for election integrity. Guess how much they spent on the #Maricopa Audit? Zero!”


The “Audit War Room” account added to that by sharing what Ronna reportedly said at the time about the audits: “Actually, credible sources say @GOPChairwoman
said she couldn’t “risk” helping out. Unbelievable! Of $300 million raised by @GOP for election integrity, NONE has gone to fund the Arizona Audit or any other audit. Thank you to the TRUE PATRIOTS who are funding the AZ audit!”

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So, now we know why Ronna has remained quiet…she couldn’t “risk” getting involved.

But what does that mean, exactly?

It’s Very curious since the vast majority of her voting base believes the election was a “sham.”

So, what “risk” is Ronna talking about?  Who, besides her voters, is Ronna answering to?

Now, Ronna is suddenly chiming in on some “election stuff,” but she’s being pretty careful. Here’s what she said recently: “Increasing evidence of double scanned ballots and mail-in-ballot irregularities in Fulton County raise alarming questions that need to be answered. Americans deserve elections that are secure, transparent, free, and fair.”

Let’s get real here – Ronna McDaniel is by far, one of the biggest fakes and traitors yet, and she needs to go.

Let’s hope voices grow even louder and conservatives start to question what the heck the RNC is doing.

But it doesn’t look like you’ll have to go too far to find people speaking out. Here are just a few angry comments from folks online:

“Apparently she has been too busy fundraising to pay attention to anything important”

“That’s why no more money to GOP from me. Or from our PA Lehigh Valley Tea Party which has over 6k members. If GaoP doesn’t start working for us, the party can die. We are done with the BS.”

“Its unfortunate that people were stupid enough to believe that GOP was actually raising money to fight election integrity. I didn’t give them a dime because I saw right through them”

“You are in the midst of trying to undo democracy itself in America. Never call yourselves patriots again.”


This is absolutely shameful and proves yet again that there’s almost no one you can trust in D.C.

It’s time for conservatives to really ban together and fight back against this toxic rhetoric and remove these traitors from their posts.

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