Rush Limbaugh's Producer Bo Snerdley Has a Brutal Message For Anyone Who Thinks MAGA Will Give Up

Do you believe that Joe Biden – a lackluster buffoon who can’t string a sentence together and who hass zero accomplishments (except killing the middle-class and making his crackhead son rich) received 15 MILLION more votes than Barack Obama?

seriously, does anyone under the sun actually believe this horsesh*t?


That’s what Eric Trump wants to know…

Here’s what he said: “Does anyone believe that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama in 2012? This from a candidate who would go days/weeks while hardly campaigning.”

Nobody who is mentally healthy thinks this happened legitimately. Nobody. And probably most Democrats – who aren’t infected with Stage 15 Trump Derangement Syndrome – also realize it’s total hogwash. They just don’t care.

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Just look at this…it says all you need to know in 5-little bullet points:

This was a massive steal – and they did it by using COVID-19 to push mail-in ballots, and they created mass chaos in order to “stuff “the system with #BallotsForBiden.

But Dems hit a snag…There was a massive red-wave for Trump that they didn’t expect, so they had to overcompensate and as a result, they accidentally turned Joe Biden into the most popular political figure of our lifetime.

I couldn’t even type that ^^^ line up there without laughing. It’s a total j0ke. SNL wishes they could come up with comedy like this.


So, we know what happened – at least half the county knows – probably a heck of a lot more know, they just won’t say it out loud…and we’re not letting this steal stand.

And that’s exactly what Rush Limbaugh’s amazing producer Bo Snerdley said in a very powerful tweet.

He has a message for Dems, fake media, and anyone else who thinks this “steal” will just quietly go away…

“Not going to happen.”

Here’s exactly what he said: “Half this country KNOWS the election was rigged in favor of Biden. We saw the vote count stopped and a few hours later the inexplicable change in direction of the vote count when they resumed. Democrats may think this will go down quietly. Not going to happen”

Bo is exactly right.

Going quietly into the night — while Dems and the media jackals (led by Fox News) complete their steal — isn’t an option.

That’s why President Trump and his team are currently fighting their butts off.

And we need to stay the course, hold the line, and keep fighting.

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This election will likely go to the SCOTUS and I believe we’ll win.

so, don’t give up and don’t give in….not ever.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes the hardest.


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