Rush Limbaugh’s Producer Bo Snerdley Just Brilliantly Silenced Every “Conservative” Demanding to See Team Trump’s Evidence

It’s stunning how the GOP and so-called online conservatives, and media have turned on President Trump when he needed everyone most.

All of these people have ridden Trump’s coattails for years now, and when he and the American people need the support most as we face-down this Godforsaken Democrat fraud, they’re nowhere to be found.


They’re either completely silent on the matter or they’re criticizing President Trump and his legal team.

It’s disgusting and shameful beyond words.


Just look what the so-called “conservative” publication Daily Caller said about Trump’s legitimate fraud claims:

They called them “Wild election claims…” and gleefully prompted a piece on Tucker Carlson rippling Sidney Powell a new one.

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These are our “heroes” on the right? Pathetic. They’re all frauds and grifters – using the MAGA movement to make money, and now, when they think it’s over, they turn their back on all of the people who supported them.

Rush Limbaugh’s producer Bo Snerdley has been seeing this same theme unfold with GOP politicians, conservative media hosts, pundits, and social media stars. All of these traitors have spent the day talking like liberals, demanding “evidence” as if Trump’s team would rather hand evidence over to a hostile media rather than let it play out in court.


Here’s what Bo said:

“I see a lot of people demanding “evidence” from

a) how quickly we turn on our own
b) pls show me one high profile case – where the evidence was laid out in the press instead of at the trial.
c) where is the “evidence” this election was fair”

Bo is right.

This fraud will not be battled in the media or online. It will all go down in court, as it should be…and anyone who doesn’t understand that is a fool and a fraud.

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