Sarah Huckabee Decided to Rub The Virginia Victory in Kamala Harris's Face...Big Time

Well, the 2020 curse feels like it’s been somewhat broken, thanks to sweeping GOP victories in Virginia. And I am not saying that to dismiss the nightmare of that sham election, but we as a movement needed this win… and wasn’t just a “win,” it was a political bloodbath. 2020 was a nightmare and it will always be a scar, but we had to move on from the blow of it all and keep fighting, And I think today we did that. We still must fight to right that catastrophic wrong, and maybe this boost of energy will help that cause as well.

But for 2022 and beyond, we really, really needed this.


And I don’t care what anyone says, there’s no way Dems would take a loss like that if that senile dope sitting in the White House had actually won some majorly “historic” victory.

No way.

And speaking of that abysmal and fraudulent administration, our gal Sarah Huckabee decided to have a little fun and troll Kamala Harris tonight, right after it was clear Glenn Youngkin was going to seal the win.

Sarah’s a little internet troll at heart, and I love it.

Here’s what Sarah said: ““What happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.” -Vice President Kamala Harris ??”

Ya gotta love that laughing face and the “100%”

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Sarah knows how to deliver a good online jab, doesn’t she?

So, what exactly was she referring to?

Well, it’s this video clip of Kamala from just a few days ago, where she told a small audience of McAuliffe supporters that whatever happens in Virginia – meaning with the election – would be a big determining factor in how 2022 and 2024, and even beyond that plays out.



This might be the first time that I actually agree with Kamala wholeheartedly.

She’s right.


The American people have spoken loud and clear, and if they think this is bad, just wait until 2022 and 2024.

Looks like the Dems need a “pandemic” in order to supposedly “win” anything nowadays… and even that won’t help.

We all know the playbook by now and the jig is up.

It’s time for us to get strong, get involved, and start fighting harder than ever.

“Let’s Go Brandon!”

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