Savvy Internet Users Discover Something Incredibly Weird About How LeBron James Reads His Books

I have a love/hate thing going on with social media. Sometimes it’s so toxic and hateful, and don’t get me started on the censorship that we conservatives face.

But every once in a while you’ll stumble upon something so quirky and funny online and you think “gosh, this place is awesome…” Ha. That’s what happened when I saw these tweets about LeBron James and how he reads his books.

LeBron James is an avid reader – which is great – who doesn’t like to read? LeBron even has a “reading” list that he keeps for others to reference some of his favorite reads….All really good things, no problem there.

And actually reading a real hardcover book is becoming a thing of the past, so I love how he’s trying to keep that pastime alive.

But it’s “how” he reads that has some people taking a light-hearted jab at the NBA legend.

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In the two tweets below you’ll see several pictures of LeBron reading.

Do you notice anything kinda odd?

When he’s photographed reading, LeBron is always reading the “first-page” (or so) of his books.

People also find it odd how LeBron walks and reads a book at the same time…

Many of the users online think LeBron, who likes to sometimes come off a little more “academic” and”pompous” than he is, might be doing a little PR stunt with the books.

Here’s a few funny comments:

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“That’s the kind of vision he has; he only needs to read the first page and can tell where everybody’s going to be by the last chapter.”

“I thought he’d love reading pages 3-6”

“I wonder if he made it through hunger games or just went straight to catching fire after the first pic”

“The walking and reading one gets me every time.”

“Im pretty positive he has never read an entire book period! Let alone his ability to actually understand what words mean”

At any rate, even though I am not a fan of King “China” James, I do love that he’s promoting reading, even if it’s just the first couple pages.?

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