Schiff Says He's Concerned There Has Not Be An Investigation Into January 6th Yet

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) expressed “alarm” about the fact that former President Donald Trump has not yet been charged.

“I’d want to ask you a question concerning something that a federal judge remarked while reviewing some of the cases on January 6,” Dana Bash said. “They were summoned to Washington, D.C., by an elected official, and they were prompted to walk to the Capitol by an elected official, but no one has been held accountable in any meaningful way for their actions,” he said in a court hearing this month. “Those who created the conditions that led to their conduct have not been held accountable in any meaningful way.” He looks to be making a reference to the former President Donald Trump. “Do you feel that the Justice Department under Merrick Garland is letting Trump off the hook?”


“I am worried about a number of issues,” Schiff expressed worry. In particular, and this is not specifically related to the violence that occurred on January 6, but I am concerned that there does not appear to be an investigation, unless it is being done very quietly by the Justice Department, into, for example, the former president on the phone with the Georgia Secretary of State, demanding that he find 11,780 votes that did not exist, and that this is not being done very quietly by the Justice Department. The exact number of votes he would need to reverse Joe Biden’s win in that particular state. We’d probably be under investigation, if not indicted, by now if you and I had been on that conversation and it had been recorded, because we were engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the people of Georgia and the people of the nation. That in particular, is something I’m worried about. However, I agree with the judge’s general concern that those responsible for the violence on that day, particularly in terms of its organization, have not yet been brought to justice.”

‘It seems like you’re suggesting that you want the Biden administration, and specifically the Biden Justice Department, to be more forceful,’ Bash replied.


“We attempted to hold the previous president responsible via impeachment,” Schiff said. That is the solution available to us in Congress. We are attempting to uncover the entire extent of the former president’s misbehavior, as well as that of individuals who were close to him. Probably what we uncover throughout our inquiry will alert the Justice Department to further facts that they may not be aware of at the time we begin our investigation. As a consequence, we will continue to play our part in this, which is to expose the perpetrators and, as a result of our research, to bring about laws to safeguard the nation. We shall rely on the Justice Department to fulfill its responsibilities.”

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