Screaming and Slurring Into the Camera, Begging For People to Vote?

Boy oh, boy…

Biden is not having a good time in Michigan.

He officially reached his “Dean Scream” moment while addressing his rally, where he screamed, slurred, mispronounced Kamala Harris’ name and begged people to vote for him.


Oh, and he was doing this all while reading from a gigantic teleprompter in front of him.

This guy is an absolute train wreck.

Watch the video:

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This is like a bad car crash that you just can’t look away from.

Except it’s also completely hilarious!

Here’s some of the great comments on Twitter from these videos:

“He mispronounced Kamalas name wrong ???”

“Any other candidate would have to drop out, after all of this stuff pouring out from the laptop. Plus, it’s almost sad that his health has rapidly declined. I almost feel bad….
Almost.. #Trump2020”

“& the best part….. there’s no one in the audience!!”

“The teleprompters and media aids of @JoeBiden are expanding. He even @twitter stumping and covering for him . @JoeBiden is a National Security Risk, he doesn’t care about this country. Hunter Biden’s emails are PROOF of that! He might seem like a nice,frail old man but he’s dirty”

“Ya know I just gotta say the difference between Biden’s and Trump’s rallies aren’t even comparable. Biden’s rally sounds like a traffic jam of people trying to get the hell out of dodge. Trump’s rally makes you feel so good about the country and where are future could go”

“Why isn’t there a crowd!???!??!??!?”

“His teleprompter must’ve been in ALL CAPS. ??”

Here’s the original “Dean Scream” if you’d like to compare:

The state of Michigan just ruled that all ballots need to be turned in by November 3rd or they will not be counted.

Do you think this might be a reason why Biden is literally begging people in this state to vote for him?

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