Sen. Ron Johnson is Putting 2020 Election on Public Blast - and He's Got a High-Profile "Star Witness" Leading the Parade

Just yesterday the president of “Judicial Watch” Tom Fitton was asking why the heck the GOP-run Senate wasn’t calling out the 2o2o election by holding public hearings…At the very least, the media would be forced to report on it.

So he wanted to know what the hold-up was…


Well, today I wake up and see that Senator Ron Johnson has set up a hearing for next week, and he’s invited attorney’s from key battleground states to testify as well as a “star witness,” (literally) Mr. Ken Starr – the former independent counsel (and staunch Trump supporter) who worked to expose pervert Bill Clinton.

According to CNN, the hearing will probe the 2020 election and seek to get to the bottom of the controversy and find out how an unlikeable loser like Joe Biden could’ve won.

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While I am not usually a fan of these pointless hearings, I think this one is important because we need to send a message to the world that nobody with half a brain believes Biden (who actually has only half a brain) supposedly “won” this election…and the only way to do that is with a lot of media attention – and as of now, the mainstream media has been predictably quiet as little communist church mice.

Now, do I believe that the GOP wants Trump to stay in office have decided to suddenly fight like hell for him?

No, of course not, they hate him and want him gone.


But much to the GOP’s dismay, they’ve been getting a lot of heat from the MAGA end of the party – the biggest and strongest sector of the Republican Party – and now they’re bending the knee to our will.

And we’ll take it.

We don’t give a darn why the GOP does the right thing, we just want the info out there on the record and we want to legitimize Trump’s (already legitimate) efforts even more.


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