Shep Smith's New CNBC Show Collapses Due to Awful Ratings and His On-Set "Temper Tantrums"  

Remember Shep Smith?


That psychotic TDS-riddled diva who made Fox News extra unbearable every day at 3 p.m.

Well, as you know, Shep threw one final hissy fit and left Fox News in a huff after Tucker Carlson made a complete fool of him on national TV.

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Shep headed over to CNBC, where he was given his own show, and it turns out all of America hates Shepard Smith, not just Fox News viewers…

Bizpacreview reported that Shep’s 6 million-dollar salary and abysmal ratings mean the NBCUniversal-owned channel is not getting a good return on its investment.

According to an inside informant, Shep allegedly doesn’t get along with co-workers either.

Smith’s ([$5-$6 million] salary and the resources Hoffman has thrown at his show have created a tremendous amount of resentment from other CNBC talent, according to multiple insiders familiar with the situation…And the show has faced its fair share of internal friction, some of which has centered on the host himself. Smith is seen as a pro with high news standards prone to generous gestures…but amid a wider re-evaluation of bullying in media workplaces, some staffers have complained that he is difficult to deal with. At least two people with direct knowledge of the situation described Smith as having regular “temper tantrums.”


It’s also fair to note that Fox News actually saw a boost in the 3 p.m. time slot when Shep huffed off and Bill Hemmer took over.

Who couldn’t see THAT coming…the same exact thing will happen if Fox News ever gets rid of Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto.

Of course, when asked about this turmoil, CNBC gushed about how “proud” they are of Shep…uh uh, it’s always fun to throw $6 million dollars away.

It appears that Shep won’t be long for this job. He might b able to pull another year out if he’s lucky, but I doubt it’ll go much beyond that.


I hope all that Stage 5 TDS was worth it, Shep.

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