Sheriff of Indiana's Largest County is Done With Lawless, Radical Dems, Changes Political Party to "Republican" 

You hear these stories every single day…Decent law-abiding people are watching. what is happening in these liberal-run cities and they’re freaking out.

You have politicians and DA’s literally allowing, even encouraging riots, turning a blind eye to violent mobs, while coming down hard on decent Americans who are just trying to defend themselves.

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Look at the armed couple in St. Louis –  they were just trying to protect themselves, their home, and their dog from a violent mob, and they were the ones arrested and charged, not the violent mob.

Young Kyle Rittenhouse was chased down, shot at, beaten with a skateboard, and then had a gun pulled on him – and even with all that he’s facing 170 years in prison.

So, it’s no wonder that good, decent people who care about law and order are saying “enough is enough” and leaving the Democrat Party.

That’s what has happened with an Indiana sheriff who has had enough of the radical, lawless, and violent Democrats, and now he’s changed his political affiliation to “Republican.”

From The AP

The sheriff of southern Indiana’s largest county has switched to the Republican Party, accusing Democrats of endorsing flag burning, failing to acknowledge God and not supporting police.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding made his announcement this past week outside the Evansville business of major Republican donor Steve Chancellor with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch in attendance.

Wedding, twice elected sheriff as a Democrat, noted a large U.S. flag nearby and said Democrats “want to burn that thing every day.”

“I’m tired of seeing fires set in our streets,” Wedding said. “I’m tired of people defying God, our church, our police, our government and everything we stand for.

The Vanderburgh County Democratic Party called Wedding’s political switch distasteful “political opportunism” and pointed out his previous complaints about insufficient funding from the Republican-controlled county council and state Legislature.

You can watch the video:

The Democrat Party spokeswoman in Indiana also said that the Democrat Party ‘stands for the flag,” which is really ironic, since liberals are all “taking a knee” every time the anthem comes on…and when they’re not doing that, they’re burning it.

Well, welcome aboard Sir, we’re happy to have you! The more law-abiding folks, the better.


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