Shocking Past Tweets From Trump-Hater Joe Walsh Reveal How Often He Used the N-Word

It never ceases to amaze me how the people who claim to hate President Trump because he’s a so-called “racist and immoral” person, are actually racist and immoral people. You’ve noticed that too, right? How many people who hate President Trump have so much racism and ugliness in their closets? Just look at someone like Jimmy Kimmel. He’s bagged on Trump for eons for being  “racist” and a “woman-hater.” Meanwhile, he wore blackface and demeaned women left and right. And there are hundreds of examples of this, we’ve all seen it throughout the past 5 years. And now, there’s another one to add to the list. Trump hater Joe Walsh — a man who has reeled against President Trump and accused him of being so evil, actually has some rather dark and ugly things lurking in his past.


Past tweets from Joe Walsh, the man who ran to “primary” President Trump in 2019, show him using the N-word.

A lot.

Walsh is now contemplating joining the Democrat Party, so he can “teach” them how to fight Republicans and win.

I am not sure what Mr. Walsh is doing, but it feels like a “grift” of some kind. Perhaps he’s auditioning for a gig at CNN with this latest “Democrat” stunt, or maybe he’s just doing what feels “natural.” But I think it’s fair to note the dirt in his past because he’s the first one to point the finger at others for being “racist” and “evil.”

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After all, Mr. Walsh has called Trump supporters every name in the book and blames them for much of what’s “wrong” with the country.

In some of his tweets featuring the N-word, it appears Walsh was trying to make a broader point about leftist censorship and hypocrisy (maybe), but some may question his tactics, as the tweets come across as vulgar and hateful because of the n-word. More on those tweets later.

Of course, not all of his tweets on “race” involved the N-word, but some may still find them questionable, or at the very least “harsh.”

See below:

“Want to blame someone for Baltimore besides the thugs? Blame Democrats who have purposely turned blacks into uneducated government slaves.”


“Question for libs: Native Americans and Blacks got more Gov aid than any other group last 60 yrs. Why are they poorest racial groups in US?”

“Imagine if cops wore socks showing bad Asian drivers.”

“Imagine if he had called him the biggest faggot in the league.”

But more concerning is how Walsh casually uses the N-word to make his point in the tweets below.

I am not sure what his mindset was when he wrote these tweets, but I think a man of his stature at the time (former congressman and radio host), could have gone about making his point in a much better fashion.

I have to warn you, these tweets are not “blurred” out, so please know that before you decide to read on.



At this point now, with his latest announcement of becoming a “Democrat” to teach them how to “fight” Republicans, I can’t help but feel that Joe Walsh is looking to transform himself into the “Lincoln Project Part Two” – another group of scum buckets.


But, they made a lot of money grifting off of the “Republican” name… the whole “pedophile thing” ruined a lot of that, so now there’s an “opening” for a new “Republican scammer” to jump in.

Either way, good riddance to bad rubbish, as Joe Walsh finally leaves the Republican Party.

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