Sinister New Details Emerge Over Fox News Canceling of Last Night's Judge Jeanine Show

According to a report by Newsmax, the Fox News Channel has cancelled Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show. The decision came after the network learned that the host planned to cover issues related to suspected fraud in the 2020 election.


Rob Schmitt of Newsmax said on air, “Sources close to the network tell us us that’s because she made a very staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose or attempt to expose the voter fraud that the Trump campaign and Republicans allege took place.”

Breitbart pointed out that Fox News has been losing viewers since the network appeared to take a leftward turn–especially over the last few weeks. Viewers were especially angry after the network called Arizona for Biden long before all of the votes in that state were cast.

MORE NEWS: Fox News Faces Major Backlash After They Cancel Judge Jeanine to Celebrate “President-Elect Biden”

From Breitbart:

The backlash had been brewing for a while but really took off after Chris Wallace’s dreadful and dreadfully biased and dishonest role as moderator in the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

The backlash then went nuclear after Fox News maliciously and erroneously called Arizona for Joe Biden on Tuesday night — a state that is still too close to call. Fox News has stunk for years, but over the past few months it’s gone beyond stinking to out-and-out betrayal of its loyal viewers, especially with its presidential polls that are not simply incorrect, they are bald-faced lies.

It is unclear where Judge Jeanine will end up now that her show is canceled. Many former Fox hosts are moving to Newsmax and One America News Network.


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