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By Greg Holt


General Michael Flynn defense fund Fellow patriots, please listen to this short, inspiring message from General Flynn. General Michael Flynn exemplifies patriotism, courage, and love of God and country – despite some of his own countrymen relentlessly attacking him. Donations for his defense are greatly appreciated. If you can only give $5.00, please do so – every little bit helps. Thank you so much, and God bless.
Letter from General Flynn. 

The two leading potential vaccine makers are using experimental technology – to modify human cells.


(TCP News) Yes you read that correctly, experimental technology, never even clinically tested is being actively developed to use as a vaccine.

Still want to have that vaccine injected into your body?  This so-called vaccine would enter your body, and then proceed to genetically modify your body’s own cells.  This is extremely dangerous, and could be irreversible.  You have taken the virus vaccine, and now you are a genetically modified human being.  No thank you.

That’s not even the best part of this.  According to journalist Michael Thau of RedState, the vaccine manufacturers have been given immunity.  Meaning that if their highly dangerous and experimental vaccine kills you, or somehow genetically maims you for life – guess what?  They will not be held responsible for it.  ZERO responsibility.  ZERO recourse for anyone having his or her life destroyed.

Thau sums it up rather succinctly:

There’s always some risk attending the introduction of any new medication. But put all of this together, and it’s hard to see how the impending COVID-19 vaccine won’t be one of the riskiest if not the riskiest pharmaceutical product ever marketed.

But hey, where there is billions of dollars at stake, who care about a few human lives?

Lets add some insult to potential injury.  The FDA, you know the ones who are looking out for YOUR safety?  These new vaccines per their guidelines only need to be 50% effective to gain approval.

Don’t you feel safe?

Then there is this:

It has been known for a while now that the common cold, stress common, (which is a Coronavirus) provides T-cell immunity to COVID-19. (Source)

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Despite all this, the powers that be are determined to flood the Internet and the airwaves with the propaganda that we must have these vaccines, because without them, humanity has no hope of escaping a perpetual cycle of illness and death.

Make no mistake about it, this is – propaganda.  There are literally billions of dollars in profit at stake here.  Your life and the quality of it, or the fact that the vaccine could kill you, well that is all irrelevant.

Prescription drug makers and vaccine makers generate astronomical profits – follow the money.


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