Something is Brewing Right Now With Durham Probe, DC Lawyer Rumor-Mill Saying One of Mueller's Prosecutors Flipped

I know it’s been a rough road waiting for justice to prevail in this Durham probe.

I have always maintained faith in Bill Barr. I truly believe that he was brought on to do THIS job – to get to the bottom of SpyGate.

Why it’s taking so long is frustrating, and annoying, and disheartening…It’s all of those things and more…But I believe that we will see justice…and there’s some buzz today that suggests I may be right.


I want to start out with a tweet from a person I respect a lot. His name is John Cardillo and he’s a former LEO guy and a NewsMax guy…very well-connected, but has been very, very negative when it comes to the Durham investigation as of late.

He’s convinced that nothing will happen, we’re being strung along, and this is just another “Huber” situation.

So, when I saw this tweet, it really, really shocked me, given how John’s been poo-pooing the investigation for so long now.

Here’s what he said: “Can’t say why without betraying a confidence, but I just had a BIG restoration of faith moment in AG Barr and Durham.”

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So, something happened yesterday that changed his mind…That’s significant.

And then today, I happened upon this tweet from former Reno, Texas Mayor John Basham, who is citing “RUMINT” or “Intel Rumors” in his tweet.

Here’s what he said: “RUMINT: Talk From Many DC Lawyers Saying One Of Special Counsel Robert #Mueller‘s Prosecutors Has “FLIPPED” & Is Now Cooperating With US Attorney John #Durham‘s Investigation Into The Origins Of #RussiaCollusion Investigation. A Single Name Is Being Repeated…Developing…”

Some people think the “flipper” would likely be someone like Brandon Van Grack, a young attorney who wants to hang on to his DOJ job and not lose his law license.

Here’s some further analysis from Red State:

This rumor follows on the heels of the release last week of records showing several members of the Special Counsel’s Office “wiped” their SCO-issued cell phones clean on one or more occasions.

In his book, which was released two days ago, Andrew Weissmann covers this question, writing that Jeannie Rhee cautioned everyone that everything they committed to writing during their work for the SCO would be subject to a later “investigation of the investigators” that was sure to follow, based on her years of experience working in Washington, D.C.

JUST SPECULATING, but Weissmann has been agitated almost from the moment he took to Twitter a few months ago over the investigation being conducted by Durham and AG Barr.  But his agitation went into overdrive when U.S. Attorney Jensen began looking at the SCO’s handling of the prosecution of General Flynn.

It cannot be overlooked that, while most of the more senior DOJ “veterans” on the SCO went to lucrative careers in private practice after departing, several of the younger members of the SCO returned to positions in the Department of Justice.  That means they have been subject to potential investigation by internal DOJ disciplinary offices like the Inspector General or Office of Professional Responsibility.  Issues like “wiping” their SCO- issued phones without authorization, likely in violation of DOJ policy, might not mean much to Andrew Weissmann and Jeannie Rhee, but for younger attorneys still in DOJ like Brandon Van Grack, Aaron Zelinsky, and Adam Jed, their DOJ careers might hang in the balance — and potentially their licenses to practice law.  It is possible they were directed or encouraged to take some actions they now regret, or for which they are now vulnerable to leverage by Durham or other government investigators.

I know I have said this before, but buckle up. October may be a month filled with juicy surprises!


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