Many Americans Are Politically Homeless Because You Keep Preaching To The Choir; Preach To Them!

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The hook you read as the lead-in comes to us from The True Defender. Ms. Garcia’s article references Trump’s takedownof CNN. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of reading stories of how legacy media outlets are being:

  • ‘taken down.’
  • ‘demolished’
  • ‘obliterated.’
  • or ‘embarrassed.’

Who are we convincing with these claims? Who is being taken down? In what measurable ways are we damaging the bottom line or reputations of the legacy media?


I want to apologize to Ms. Garcia and The True Defender for disparaging them. I mean it. I could have selected from hundreds of articles that appeared on any of my social media feeds today. I chose this one because it popped up twenty-seven seconds before my search for just such a target. Across the board, we are preaching to the choir. We need to turn around and deliver our message to the congregation.

If you’ve read enough of my previous columns, you know I am a Libertarian with a capital “L.” I belong to the Libertarian Party of Colorado. I have belonged to the GOP off-and-on over the years. I also admit to being a former member of the Green Party. No, I am not a reformed liberal. I have always leaned conservative with a heavy dose of individual rights—hence my constant return to the Libertarian Party. Truth be told, I wish the GOP would dump the establishment-types and extreme-right militants. The future is not in either of those directions.

I’ve flirted with the idea of the Patriot Party. That train doesn’t look to be leaving the station anytime soon; certainly not here in Colorado. Living at the homeless shelter for the politically-homeless—after all, that’s what the Libertarian Party is—means I often receive sideways glances from people that ask my Party affiliation. It is the litmus test of the problem that confronts us.


Specifically, the GOP, in particular, is suspicious of us Libertarians. We are too liberal for traditional conservatives. We are also far too conservative for liberals. Most libertarians (small “l” when describing our beliefs and not our Party) that I know are more conservative than they are liberal. For me, the split is roughly 2/1. Because of that, conservatives in general—and the GOP in particular—need to court folks like me.


At least, I should be your target audience. When I continue to read splashy headlines and hooks with the ‘we got ‘em!’vibe, it leaves me rolling my eyes. All you’ve accomplished is the same high-fiving and backslapping that also takes place on the Left. You haven’t moved the needle for me—or anyone like me—one iota. We want facts. We want objective truths. We want the information to make up our own minds. We are not dogmatic except when it comes to individual rights.

Having said all of this, I do want to see a Red Storm. I am MAGA through and through. I’ve held my nose and voted for the Mitt Romney’s of the world. I was actually excited about Ben Carson and Donald Trump. I’m no country club-type. I would probably have to enter through the servant’s entrance. I have tattoos and use too much profanity. Still, I want to find a political home.


Preach to me—but give me facts when you do. I’m smart enough to form my own opinions. I’m also stubborn enough to stand my ground when I’m being talked at instead of talked to. It’s why I give the proverbial ‘bird’ to the Left. At the same time, I love America and our traditions. I want to be part of something that you clearly want to sell me. Turn around and preach to me. Stop preaching to the choir.

As always, this has been the World, According to Chris.



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