Stores Going to Shocking and Sneaky Lengths to Cover Up Their Empty Shelves

If you’re out and about in the USA, you’ve likely seen all the empty shelves at the big box and grocery stores. Thanks once again to Joe Biden’s ineptitude, Americans are dealing with massive “supply chain” issues and soaring inflation. The LA Harbor is jam-packed with cargo ships, but nobody to unload and move the goods. Or, so they tell us…


So, is it Joe Biden’s fault that the supply chain is a mess? In short, yes, it is his fault. The Biden admin and Dems like to just blame it on COVID, but it’s not as easy as that if you actually know what’s going on. The Biden administration has the power to solve this crisis, but they’re choosing not to. When the supply chain issues became apparent at the start of the calendar year, the Biden administration took note and issued an executive order and announced a Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force – similar to the “Border Czar” nothing has gotten done. But that’s where the “fix” ends. Since then, Biden’s own policies have led to making this mess worse, starting with those “pandemic” unemployment benefits which have created labor shortages in trucking and retail when we need them most. And if you want to talk about “infrastructure” the LA port’s infrastructure (and others around the US) needs a ton of improvements, but less than 10 percent of Biden’s infrastructure bill goes towards infrastructure work roads, bridges, and ports.

Great “infrastructure bill,” right?

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The bottom line is that Biden isn’t serious about fixing the supply chain. If you ask me, Joe and his commie Handlers want to teach American peasants to live with less – it falls in line with the Green New Deal, and that’s what everything is about nowadays: The Climate Cult.

So, you’ve likely noticed the bare shelves, but if you haven’t, that’s probably because the store in your area is going to great and sneaky lengths to hide it from you.


Very dystopian and weird, right?

The last thing these stores want to do is create a “Venezuela vibe” for their American customers. We don’t need the “toilet paper hoarding” calamity of 2020 to unfold again.


But also, they should be honest with their customers and let them know that the shelves are bare, thanks in part to Joe Biden’s terrible decisions and lack of initiative to fix this mess.

However, I think most Americans already realize that.

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