Students Pulled Off Amazing "Trump Prank" at School Pep Rally and Now Face Punishment

Here’s where the left is really successful – they’ve weaponized words.


That’s the danger of the PC culture, which is social Marxism.

Because of the left, a “wall” to protect your country from foreign invaders is now “racist.”

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But it’s not just the fringe who believe that. It’s seeped into the mainstream mindset.

If you want to protect your country and keep it safe, you’re a bigot…you’re hateful against Hispanics and you’re a mean-spirited “white nationalist.”

Never mind that slews of Hispanics want the border secured – facts don’t matter when it comes to the “PC culture.”

So, that’s why when a group of high school kids wore “Trump Wall” t-shirts to their homecoming pep rally, they were instantly targeted for punishment.

That’s how crazy this country has become.


Breitbart reported that students at Racine Lutheran High School in Racine, Wisconsin, are facing discipline after wearing red T-shirts with the slogan “Trump’s Wall” on them to a pep rally for homecoming last week, sparking protests among fellow students.

The Journal Times reported:

Just like most high schools, Racine Lutheran High School celebrated homecoming with spirit week, complete with a volleyball tournament and designed shirts. One team opted to wear shirts with a brick design and the phrase “Trump’s Wall.”

A group of minority students called attention to the incident and wore all black in protest. They also met with administration Friday and plan to do so again on Monday.

While the shirt designs did not receive the necessary approval to be worn at the game, the students wore them underneath other clothes and revealed them right as they went to enter the court. Racine Lutheran Executive Director-Principal David Burgess said the students were then given alternate shirts to wear and would face disciplinary action.

I love that the kids did this.

I don’t care that they went against school rules – as a matter of fact, I love the rebellion, especially over something so damn silly.

It’s perfectly fine for kids to wear “pride gear,” but not something like this?



Keep pushing back.

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