"Subliminal Message" Spotted Behind Warren as She Spoke at DNC Convention

The Democrats will do anything and everything to push their twisted ideology.

They’ll use kids, dead people, old people, animals, tragedies, it doesn’t matter – they will take advantage of every little thing to push, push, push their agenda.

Heck, they’ll even send subliminal messages…

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That’s what happened during Elizabeth Warren’s speech at the DNC.

Warren delivered her remarks at a daycare, where one savvy Twitter user spotted a very strategic message planted right behind her.

From Western Journal

The 2020 Democratic National Convention has resulted in more embarrassing moments and thinly veiled virtue-signaling than most Americans have seen in entire lifetimes throughout history.

What may go down as the strangest virtue signal of the entire event, however, came on the third day of the convention, in the last place most viewers might have expected: the background.

As former 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and radical-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressed the convention from an early childhood education center in her home state of Massachusetts, the primary message was on the importance of child care.

But the secondary message was one American news consumers and political junkies have heard on repeat in recent weeks and months.

It was the popular slogan “Black Lives Matter.”

The Democrats are just spinning out of control.

They have no message, no plans, no ideas. All they have are violent Marxist movements and chaos, and lawlessness.

Dems are now trying to appeal to Americans like high school kids pushing a silly fad.

It’s pathetic and it shows how totally unserious they are.


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