A prior roommate of the man arrested in connection with a shooting at a health clinic on Tuesday said the suspect resented doctors in the town, a Fox affiliate reported.

Raymond Zandstra shared a trailer home with suspect Greg Ulrich, 67, for two years in Buffalo, Minnesota, before filing a restraining order against him, FOX9 KMSP reported. Ulrich had grievances with one specific doctor in the town and called him “a quack” on a sign he installed outside the trailer home, according to the roommate.

“He didn’t like the doctors because they wouldn’t give him all the pain killers he wanted. They’d give him a month supply, and it would be gone in a few days,” Zandstra said.

Ulrich was arrested Tuesday for allegedly opening fire on a health clinic killing one person and injuring four others, KMSP reported. Zandstra said Ulrich was unstable before the incident, and that he was issued a permit to carry a weapon despite local law enforcement allegedly knowing he was a “wack job.”

“He showed me a new handgun he got, I said, ‘What?’ You shouldn’t have a gun,” Zandstra said, KMSP reported.

Ulrich violated a restraining order filed by a doctor at the clinic, though he was found mentally incompetent to stand trial in November 2018, KMSP reported. An investigation revealed that Ulrich applied to purchase a firearm though it was not approved.

“It is highly recommended that the defendant not be allowed to have use or possession of any dangerous weapons,” a probation agent said in June 2019, KMSP reported.

Ulrich was ordered to surrender any firearms or related permits and instructed not to attempt to contact the doctor in November 2019, KMSP reported. Law enforcement officials visited Ulrich at the mobile home over a dozen times, Zandstra said.

Ulrich regularly took pain killers, sniffed glue, smoked marijuana, and abused alcohol, Zandstra said, KMSP reported. He was convicted on three counts of drunk driving and found mentally incompetent for criminal proceedings.

The Buffalo Police Department and the Wright County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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