Target HQ Delivers Major Blow to Dem-Run Minneapolis With Bold New Move

Looks like Target has had enough, and wants to get the heck outta Minneapolis before the next deadly and destructive “Sumner of Love” heats up.


The last BLM/Antifa love-fest cost billions and ended the lives of over 20 Americans.

We all knew this departure was coming, but I’m shocked that it took Target this long to announce.

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I’m sure they were scared to death of the cancel mob – that’s why they’re doing everything in their power to make it seem like they’re not leaving because the city is a lawless cesspool of liberal violence and rage.


Of course not — they’re leaving because they’ve discovered it’s much better for them to have people work remotely.


Yes, I’d venture to say so – it’s much safer for someone to work from their basement in Kentucky than it is to face-down Dem rioters in cop-free Minnesota.


Target Announces It’s Abandoning Its Minneapolis City Center Headquarters. Here’s Why It’s No Surprise

Target Corporation, the eighth largest retailer in the United States, announced in an email to employees on Thursday that it will be leaving the City Center, its primary downtown Minneapolis location.

Company officials cited improved remote work opportunities and less need for space as the drivers for the decision.

“In just one year we’ve proven that we can drive incredible results, together, from our kitchens and basements and living rooms,” said Melissa Kremer, executive vice president and leader of Target’s human resources operations.

Target, the largest employer in Minneapolis with some 8,500 corporate workers, says the 3,500 employees who work at the City Center will still have a “home base,” but it will be at another Minneapolis location or in the nearby suburb of Brooklyn Park…

Part of that shift, it’s reasonable to assume, would be corporations moving away from high-end corporate real estate. Yet it also shouldn’t be forgotten (or ignored) that Target’s decision comes less than a year after Minneapolis suffered some of the worst riots in US history, prompted by the May 25 death of George Floyd.

Yes, the last part of that article is the crux of the story.

Independent journo and Antifa expert Andy Ngo chimed in on the decision:

Sure, part of the reason (excuse) is revenue-based, but after what happened at Target in Minneapolis, you can’t blame them for saying “no more.”

Remember these video clips?


As we get closer to summer, and the Floyd trial, I wouldn’t be surprised if other businesses follow suit.

All they needed was one big company to make that first bold move.


Many other dominos will likely fall now.


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