Ted Cruz Just Neutered The Entire Liberal Movement With His Most Savage Tweet Yet

Ted Cruz is usually in “rare form,” but sometimes he’s in EXTRA rare form and when he is….look out.

That’s what happened today – Ted was feeling extra saucy and as a result, he “neutered” the entire liberal movement with one super savage tweet.

Here’s what happened…

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Recently it was revealed that the California wildfires erupted – not because of “climate change” – but thanks to a gender reveal party gone wrong.

Of course,  Dem politicians are still blaming it on “climate change,” but Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah decided to take a jab at gender reveal parties.

For me personally, I think these gender reveal parties are super narcissistic and over the top, but hey, to each his own…as long as you don’t burn down an entire state, right?

However, Trevor Noah is upset with them for a different reason….he finds them offensive because parents shouldn’t be announcing the gender of the child if the child hasn’t picked their own gender yet.


These liberals are absolute idiots.

And that’s when Ted Cruz stepped in and “neutered” the entire liberal party with 9 little words.

This is what Ted said:  “A fair point. Many liberal males never grow balls….”

Ha ha ha! Brilliant.

I love how Ted has really come out of his shell and is now trolling these goofballs like a savage.

This is how we win, by mocking these absurd comments that liberals make, because if we don’t, next thing you know we’ll all be reassigned a new “gender.”

Don’t laugh, it’ll happen…


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