Ted Nugent Has an Incredible Christmas Gift Idea For Kyle Rittenhouse, And It’ll Have The Left Raging

Kyle Rittenhouse is finally free, and it couldn’t have come at a better time – right before the Holiday season kicked off. And I have a feeling that young Kyle had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and that he’s looking forward to a very merry Christmas this year.


And it looks like Detroit rock legend Ted Nugent wants to make Kyle’s Christmas even better, with a generous gift that is sure to have the left melting down.

The Festivals Hub reported that Ted Nugent said he wants to give acquitted assailant Kyle Rittenhouse a lifetime supply of ammunition and open up a gun training class in his name.

That’s what the veteran singer and guitarist relayed on a new episode of Rock of Nations With Dave Kinchen.

Rittenhouse is the teenager who last year fatally shot two people and wounded another during the unrest that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges last week.

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Nugent, the outspokenly conservative 72-year-old musician behind ’70s rock stompers such as “Stranglehold” and “Cat Scratch Fever,” also recently released the pro-gun rallying cry “Come and Take It.”

Nugent explained during the podcast, “I’m going to get a hold of Kyle Rittenhouse and I’m going to provide him a lifetime supply of ammunition and I’d like to begin the Kyle Rittenhouse Tactical Masterclass because as a young man, boy did he do good. He knew that weapon. He was a samurai as a teenager that under those unbelievable, traumatic and physically assaultive conditions — he did his job.”’


The support echoes what the Nuge has voiced in other recent chats. He told Newsmax, “This guy, this young 17-year-old kid was exactly what the founding fathers wanted all Americans to be — to stand up good over evil. Kyle Rittenhouse, good. Rioters and thugs and attackers and assaulters and career criminals, evil.”

Ted Nugent is definitely back and ready to make liberals cry again.

He’s got a new song out called “Come and Take It,” with a message to Merrick Garland and Joe Biden.


And speaking of “rockers,” activist group “Rage Against the Machine” responded to the Rittenhouse verdict by saying the shooter “killed people who were fighting for racial justice.”  Maybe they should change their name to “Rage For The Machine,” since these so-called “rebels” are now aligned with the establishment, corporate America, and the mainstream media.


Ted, remains a true rebel, and a patriot who is fighting and supporting the people.

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