The Dems Have Overplayed Its Anarchy Ignorance; The Country's Not Going To Support This

The Democrats picked the wrong candidate to carry out their mission. Even the devil himself is laughing at the democrats as we speak.

At this point, the Democratic Party is merely treading water. They have already let their plan be exposed an,d having done that, they have set it up so that they can enjoy four more years of a good Pres. Trump’s economy and save face at the same time.

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It doesn’t take a good analyst to see the writing on the wall, streets, and lamp posts of the tired warn out democrat cities who are now waiting for rescue from their serious plight of having democrat leaders who are focused on saving face and not saving the people from domestic terrorists.

The Democrat playbook depends upon razor-thin margins in several battleground states. What they anticipate is a repeat of the Florida 2000 election in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina. In that case, they will then implement Lawfare 2.0, thus getting the courts involved. In the meantime, they will use Antifa/BLM rioters to keep things hot. The goal is that even if Trump wins, he loses.

However, the Democrats have grossly overplayed their Wuhan Virus and BLM Protests to such a degree, that I believe even California is now in play. They are destroying the livelihood of millions of people in California, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

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This election cycle, the turnout against Biden and the Democrats will be so strong as to make their cheating immaterial. They are about to get hit with an electoral tsunami the likes we have seen before. The Dems will not only lose the presidential elections, but the House will also easily flip Red and the GOP, despite its incompetence, will pick 2-3 Senate seats.

I will admit, sometimes a part of me doesn’t care about the election outcome because there is little point in holding elections if the loser proceeds to launch a continuous attack on the office. Loyal opposition, the principle that a party out of power respects the legitimacy of the acts of the party in power, is a requirement for a functional democracy. That Democrats believe there will be peace in the valley if the evil Trump is removed would be magical thinking as they have set up an attack-revenge scenario.

It is no wonder that progressives want to destroy history; they are using tactics from madmen that resulted in millions of deaths, misery, and poverty.


A broader intent to subvert our government by unconstitutional means is madness in my opinion and will fail, but caution makes it my operating assumption.

Once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s mighty hard to put it back. So, if Biden wins, we still have unrest. If Trump wins, he has the ability to put it down. On another note, Obama/Biden put an awful lot of their people in top positions in the military in addition to generating policies detrimental to order and discipline. Most of the servicemen saw this and were dismayed, but kept quiet because this was their Commander in Chief. Many left services and, of those who stayed m, any have now retired and are speaking out. We see them running for office, leading the resistance, and so on.

Do you think they won’t stand firm if Trump wins and the agitators need stopping? Do you think they won’t resist if Biden wins? Many servicemen homeschool their families due to upsetting school schedules due to pcs moves (I know we did and many of our friends did, too), and these kids are learning patriotism. And these kids are now voters.

I implore you to get out and vote and help save the country. It’s that simple.




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