The Diversity Mania Has Infected the Hard Sciences


Can’t any field be left alone to function on the basis of ability?

To the zealots who are pushing the diversity agenda, no. They demand that “diversity” be the top goal even in the sciences, which are now expected to ensure equal “representation” of all groups.

In today’s Martin Center article, Professor John Staddon takes a dim view of this new offensive. He writes, “I have worked in academic science my entire life and I have never seen any sign of racism, systemic or otherwise. On the contrary, I have seen people go to considerable lengths to aid able minorities. Yet a petition entitled is circulating nationally complaining that: women and ‘people of color’ are under-represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math); that this is ‘systemic racism;’ and that the cure is to change science (although it isn’t put quite like that).”

The problem, of course, is that our institutions are suffused with “systemic racism.” They must be, because some groups are over-represented and others are under-represented. That cannot possibly be due to the choices individuals have made. It is due to the “system.”

According to the petition, “Everyone in academia must acknowledge the role that universities—faculty, staff, and students—play in perpetuating structural racism by subjecting students of color to unwelcoming academic cultures.”

To that, Staddon responds, “That passage is alarming for two reasons: Apparently, we ‘must acknowledge;’ we must admit our collective sin. This is the language not of science, but of the Middle Ages. And just what is meant by ‘unwelcoming academic cultures?’ Are science faculties mean to students of color? Not in my experience. Or are some subjects too difficult for unprepared students, many of whom are ‘of color?’”

Poor Professor Staddon.  He thinks that you should have evidence before making claims. The Woke crowd doesn’t need no stinkin’ evidence.

Referring to another recent attack by the diversity maniacs, Staddon concludes: “If there is discrimination in STEM, judged case-by-case and not million by million, it should be addressed. What should not be done is acquiesce to the dogma of diversity. Orchestras are now under pressure to adopt what in effect amounts to licensed racial discrimination by giving up blind auditions. Academic science should not follow them.”

Few of our political leaders and almost no academic leaders are willing to stand up against this absurd trend.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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