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Looking at media reports this morning, something felt … orchestrated. I felt the beginnings of a turn from covering for Joe Biden to actually covering him. Have some left-leaning journos been given the go-ahead to dump on the president?

Politico, The Daily Beast, and NPR all criticized Biden over the “Kill List” – a list of the names of U.S. citizens and Afghans who aided the U.S. that was given to the Taliban by U.S. officials. The Daily Beast went further and slammed Biden for how the whole of the Afghanistan pullout is being handled.

“Biden, like America, looks old, weak, and humiliated,” Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis wrote in “Everything Biden Said Wouldn’t Happen in Afghanistan Is Happening.” “How can he be expected to rescue anyone else when his presidency is already crashing?”

Politico was the outlet that broke the story on the Kill List and others have suddenly decided to pile on.

“Well, you know, he [Biden] said that he didn’t know about it and it might exist. And he said so far there is no evidence that they’ve done anything wrong with this list. Okay. Well, he’s been wrong on so many other things,” cautioned NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson.

ABC News’ Rick Klein wrote, “It’s hard to cast this moment as delivering on the U.S. commitment to Afghans or to Americans who have long shouldered this war’s costs.”

It’s not exactly a deluge, but it is much more criticism of the Biden White House than we’ve become accustomed to from mainstream and left-leaning outlets.

The major television networks have continued to provide cover for Biden, but cracks are forming and it may cause a push for Biden to take a bow and exit stage left.

Karen Kataline penned an article that discussed how the Kabul catastrophe might have played into a formulated plan to jettison the surrenderer-in-chief:

They are clearly getting ready to jettison Biden as soon as they’ve wrung every bit of overt sabotage of the United States on his watch and blaming it on his ‘cognitive decline.”  Then, they’ll work on the monumental task of making the whiny, red diaper baby and political hack, Harris whom no one likes, likeable.

Are we nearing that moment? Have the puppet masters seen enough from Joe and are looking to install their next marionette? She checks all the boxes so that Vogue, Vice, WaPo, NYT, et al will be able to fluff the populace with adoring long-form drivel about how awesome our new, black, female president is.

She won’t be.

She’ll likely be surrounded by the same Obama-picked lackeys that are giving Biden terrible advice. She’ll be handled by the same handlers and she’ll be able to pawn off inflation, Afghanistan, COVID, the border crisis, gas prices, and the upcoming tax hikes on the two old white guys that were in the Oval Office before her.

Is it that time?

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