The Media's Role In The 2020 Elections Is To Keep Democrats "In The Race"

Americans should know by now polls are not designed to measure public opinion. They are to push public opinion.

If these are phone-based polls, very few professionals will participate, such as the Conservatives who hold executive and professional positions. If you’re not in my contact list, I don’t answer the call. If your call has merit, leave a voice mail, and I will call you back. The ones most likely to respond are the millennials in Mom’s basement, looking to talk to someone. However, will they vote if it is inconvenient?

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If the pollsters were honest, they would show a category and enumerate what percentage of contactees constituted the following: “People whom we successfully reached–they answered their phones–but after we identified ourselves as conducting a poll, told us they were not interested in participating and hung up on us. Or they didn’t even speak and hung up on us.”

Democracy is only possible when a group of people believes in the same ideology. When small-issue differences occur, the minority accedes to the majority’s decisions. When significant differences occur, the minority only accedes to the majority’s decisions if these differences occur very, very rarely.

When, within the body politic, significant differences frequently occur, such that a minority will be chronically disaffected, the only solution, if one wants to maintain democracy, is for the groups to disestablish their fealty to the body politic and form independent unions, for example, claiming different lands in which they self-govern.

The so-called “liberals” / “progressives” reject governance by the conservatives, and vice versa. I don’t want to be ruled by Biden-Harris, Pelosi-AOC, or Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. Conversely, “progressives” refuse to be governed by Donald Trump, Devin Nunes-Jim Jordan, or Bret Kavanaugh.

True democracy means that we get to choose our governors, who make rules we abide by–and we can replace them if they fail to do our will–but we do not have to accept being ruled by our opponents, whose vision of the world is antithetical to our vision of how we want to live.

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It is evident that under the principles of true democracy, the “progressives” will have to be ceded the beautiful, best-climate West Coast and the Northeast Coast; we will have to accept the inland “flyover” territory and some coastal land. But separation from our ideological opponents so that they do not control us is essential to maintain democracy.

The Media’s goal is to keep Dems in the race. Profit maximization comes when both parties to any election believe that the vote is split 50/50. Any thinking Dem (there are a few) knew that beating Trump, prior to Wuhan, would be next to impossible, and they stayed away. The best they could come up with was a senile old fool who, in turn, found himself an embarrassingly goofy narcissist as his VP. I still wonder whose job it was to tell Hillary that the DNC wanted her to stay the hell out of it.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton drove this party over a cliff. Biden is the backseat passenger holding an umbrella out the window, trying to slow the descent. One of the top priorities of Trump II will be to finish off the MSM.

This election asks one question: do you want Trump to be president for four more years or not.

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If you are one of those whose mental health has been eroded to the point where you look at the entire world based upon your warped view of who Trump is, then you’re going to cast a vote for the guy who should be in a memory care unit.

Of course, if you do cast a vote for Biden and somehow he wins, then the old H.L. Menken quote comes into play, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

America will become Portland writ large if Biden, oops, Harris wins.


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