The Number One Threat to the U.S. – Climate Change

Yet more evidence Joe Biden really is unfit to rule run this country


By TCP News Staff


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(TCP News) What is the largest threat to America?  As in the gravest danger we face as a nation, the big one.  According to Joe Biden it is climate change.  Yes you read that right.

Biden spoke to U.S. service members recently stating that climate change was serious business.

From Town Hall:

‘“This is not a joke,’ he told the Air Force personnel based in England.  “You know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest physical threat facing America was?  Global warming.”

This was of course the perfect opening to mention “clean energy technology,” in other words, lets get rid of Big Oil.  Biden has stated that he wants to see fossil fuels go by the wayside.  Instead we are to use unreliable wind and solar energy.

The U.S. also needs to be a part of the Paris climate change nonsense, because who else would be stupid enough to provide major funding for it?  While countries like China laugh and put out more pollution than half the world combined.

Before this “white supremacy” was the danger to snuffing out the U.S.

How is one supposed to take seriously a leader that classifies climate change as a more serious threat than Russia, or North Korea, or China?

Remember too that Biden’s policies are destroying the economy, making us weak in the world’s eyes, made us energy dependent again, and are hindering the U.S. recovery from the COVID Plandemic nonsense.

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Here’s another question we would like answered – how could anyone in their right mind steal an election and give the Oval Office to someone this pathetically ignorant?


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