“The Science” the false god of our age

“Science is but an image of the truth.”—Francis Bacon

Science, when properly understood, is a useful tool for mankind to seek answers in our universe in a constant quest for the truth. Science, however, has been replaced these days by “the science,” a religion plagued by dogmatic thinking and arguments from “authority.”

Listen to any newscast today and you’ll probably hear what “the science” says today. The constant argumentation of what “the science” says has been around for a while. From Darwinian evolution to global warming (or climate change), all the way to COVID-19 and the new fears of the day, we are deluged with “the science” being fact, and we’re constantly berated if we dare question “the science.”

“The science” has become a religion devoid of what’s necessary for true science to be done, skepticism. “The science” has its god or gods, usually mother earth. As Christians have Genesis, “the science” has the big bang theory. “The science” has an end times story of climate change ending life as we know it. “The science” has its pastors or priests, usually government bureaucrats called “the experts” like saint Anthony Fauci, as well as televangelists, the mainstream media. And the cathedral and churches for “the science,” academia and the government schools.

The problem, there’s no omniscient or omnipresent being called “the science.” Science is not truth, it’s a methodology to help us seek the truth.

Sir Francis Bacon was an English philosopher and statesmen living during the 16th and 17th centuries, and he’s credited with creation of the scientific method. In his 1620 book Novum Organum, Bacon warns about the idols that are clearly seen in “the science” today. He warns against the idols of the tribe, the cave, the marketplace and the theater. Stated differently, he warns against the false assumptions in human nature, against making arguments from authority and trusting so-called experts, perverting language by redefining words to fit your beliefs and following dogma and being afraid to question research. Bacon said confirmation and first-conclusion biases must be avoided to truly do science.

“The mind, hastily and without choice, imbibes and treasures up the first notices of things, from whence all the rest proceed, errors must forever prevail, and remain uncorrected,” Bacon wrote.

Science requires empiricism, yet “the science” tells us the universe is billions of years old and humans were once apes or even fish. What experiment has been done or could be done to prove this? Science cannot predict the future, yet “the science” tells us we only have 12 years before climate change will end life as we know it. If your weatherman can’t accurately predict the weather a week from now, how can science predict the climate 12 years from now or even a year from now for that matter?

As we continue to live under the tyranny of government and fear created by the media over COVID-19, we can see clear as day “the science” followers are playing god.

Visit Moderna’s website, one of the many pharmaceutical companies given billions of your tax dollars to push drugs on you, and you’ll be treated with glorious propaganda on how their messenger RNA, or mRNA, vaccine can perfect man. The website states that “our bodies can create their own defense,” and they’re not talking about the natural immune system created by the one true God. Moderna says “an mRNA vaccine provides the blueprint to create the defense that can help your body protect itself if it encounters the virus.”

Moderna’s chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks, said in 2017 that their mRNA vaccines are “rewriting the genetic code” and “we are actually hacking the software of life.”

To “the science,” we’re nothing more than computers. We were created from nothing out of disorder, and we are living purposeless lives.

Well, I choose to be a heretic to “the science” and a follower of Jesus Christ. If you want to bow to “the science,” feel free,” but remember that according to Scripture (Psalm 14:1) that “the fool says in his heart, there is no God.” Science without God is meaningless and becomes the nightmare called “the science.”

“Strange that science, which in the old days seemed harmless, should have evolved into a nightmare that causes everyone to tremble.”—Albert Einstein

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