The Taliban Throw Salt in Joe's Wounds With This Zany Amusement Park Video

How do you celebrate a humiliating victory over America that took less than 48 hours to complete?


Well, you take your machine guns and head to the amusement park and ride bumper cars, of course…

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That’s right, while Joe Biden deals with one of the worst foreign policy debacles on record, and gets berated at home (and abroad) for abandoning our people in Afghanistan and turning his back on the foreigners who helped us, the Taliban Terror group are so foot-loose and fancy-free in Afghanistan, that they’re actually at an amusement park driving bumper cars around.

All thanks to Joe Biden.

What a guy…well, at least the terrorists are having fun under Joe Biden’s regime…


You can watch the video below:

It’s really got to be the ultimate humiliation to Joe, who’s fending off critics from both the left and right, to know that his enemies are so relaxed and stress-free and had such an easy time “conquering” their targets, that they’re now at an amusement park, with their machine guns, playing “bumper cars” with each other.


I just can’t think of a bigger slap in the face than that.

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