The Talk Of Removing And Relocating Some Of DC Monuments Is Hersey

The Mayor of Washington D.C. seems to be calling for the removal, relocation, or contextualization long time established trophies, including the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Columbus Fountain, and a Benjamin Franklin statue.

What Mayor Muriel Bowser is proposing should have patriots everywhere should be outraged.

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I am no more pissed, however, about D.C. than any other city the Leftist Democrat Communist Party of the United States is destroying. It’s all in America.

That we have swallowed their propaganda that they are allowed the same protections under the constitution as are Americans is how we got here.

The president is doing exactly the right thing; let them ask for assistance, something not permitted in their strategic plan, which is creating Republican votes by the minute. Mail fraud or not, with their continued assistance, we can defeat them. Then, the morning of November 4th, unleash Holy hell on them.

The Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Vietnam Wall, etc. all belong to the American people. The federal government has a duty to protect them, regardless of what the mayor, city council, and residents of Washington, DC, wants.

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If mobs destroy other cities, that is their problem. But Washington, DC, belongs to us.

We The People have a social contract with the government, whereby we pay taxes, and the government is obligated to protect our lives and property. This social contract should not depend on elections, political manipulations, which party is in power, or whether the local or federal government is in charge. You either fulfill your side of the contract or you don’t.

If you don’t, then we become just another failed state, like Mexico or El Salvador, where tens of thousands of people are killed or disappear every year, and the government does nothing. The rule of law has been broken with impunity in the past few months, by officials who pretend that there’s a pandemic and by unruly mobs who act there’s systemic racism.

Whoever is planning this chaos and violence knows full well that our republic cannot survive this lawlessness. If local authorities refuse to act, the federal government must protect our rights; otherwise, citizens should form a militia and act accordingly. Elections will not change anything, as the senseless violence and pandemic scam will continue regardless of who wins.

Some feel it is very dangerous for Pres. Trump to start going in and establishing order right now before an election, since he will be blamed on being a dictator. On the other hand, the Left knows this, too, and will continue to ramp up their destruction.

That fever of destruction on all levels from the Left will not be able to be squashed all of a sudden after election day with a Trump win.

Right now, far too many people are suffering from not just eternal riots in blue cities and states but also six months of tyrannical rules from governors and mayors. Many people who live in blue states often have little said so because the Marxist cities rule the entire state with voter fraud.

Not to speak of the emptying out of the real h e l l holes into red states and cities. Those people are not going to become conservative overnight.

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There is such a thing as waiting too long. The Germans and the J e w s waited too long, too, and it took America and Russia to bail them out. Who will come to our rescue when it is too late? Russia?

Our institutions have worked reasonably well for over two hundred years, but people’s trust in these institutions has gradually eroded. Somebody is deconstructing everything, from institutions to family, morality, and the rule of law. That somebody hides behind demented, Maoist foot soldiers and inept and corrupt politicians.

You cannot fight a faceless enemy, though I have a pretty good idea who they are. Since I don’t trust politicians anymore, I hope our republic will survive by the Grace of God.

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