The Trump Admin Exposed The Fake Conservative Columnist As Well As The Manchurian Republicans

If the never-Trumpers regain power in the Republican Party, I am out and I won’t go quietly either. The abandoned us when we needed them to join and make America shine again. They went around, siding with Democrats and the media, all because they hated the idea Americans didn’t follow their BS to elect another established politician.

Here is why the never-Trumper hate Pres. Trump. He is causing them all to drop their defenses and showing them up for what utter frauds and liars they have always been.

We get to see them without their subterfuge and big fancy elaborate speeches and see what is in them. Thank God for letting us see them as they are. Pres. Trump is doing everything they ever promised, and today’s voters see them as irrelevant.

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This election season’s huge topic is healthcare, which is being held up by the never-Trumper’s and the Democrats. The Tax Cuts were across the board (the only people who get gainful employment from poor people are the heads of Non-Profits, NGO’s and those in the government – whether elected, appointed, or part of the bureaucracy while consuming 75% of every dollar spent on “The Poor”; and the wall is being built – against all the efforts of the democrats to delay, destroy and stop it.

It was never about solving actual problems. Suppose they did that, they would not have anything to campaign on. A case in point is Obamacare. When the Republicans had the house, and the Democrats had the Senate, they passed all kinds of bills to repeal Obamacare. Of course, they knew full well Sen. Harry Reid was not going to bring any of them up for a vote. When Trump won, and three had both houses, Rep. Paul Ryan would not send any of those bills to the Senate. They do not like Trump because he accomplishes things without them.

Trump won in the first place because the Republican Establishment became thieves. They decided to help the Democrats trash our economy. We elected more Republicans every time we could to stop this nonsense, but they spent even more money. They helped Democrats rip me off! The Establishment would undoubtedly have kept robbing me.


It is almost as if we have no real government at all. For many decades it has been a cabal run by the world’s ‘elite’ scumbags. All foreigners welcome. All Americans sit the hell down and shut up!

But ‘work hard.’ We need your tax dollars to support us.

The never-Trumper is the Establishment of Republicans who like not being the party in power. That gives them the ability to moan, groan, gripe, and complain all day long about the ills of the “current administration” without having to accomplish anything themselves. They like being a paid mouthpiece with no control of the situation. They never have to put forward something that’ll work – just some vague outline of something different. For an excellent example of what I am referring to, see the 2017 and 2018 Republican house of Representatives again. They finally had the House, Senate, and White House, so what did they do? As little as possible so the democrats could retake the reigns and get the pressure off themselves.

That is the real difference between the never-Trumper establishment Republicans and Pres. Trump wants always to have something better vs. putting forth the effort to be that something better.

Sometimes I think there is not much difference between the never-Trumpers and the rioters on the streets looting and pillaging. Their goal is the same. They could care less if the constitution is destroyed. The club referred to in the article left middle America in the dust long ago. Trump challenged the entrenched aristocracy and started a civic engagement.

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Those in power rarely let go without a fight. There are enough decent citizens left who see the rioters and the damage they caused who will vote. They do not have the time to listen; they only have time to observe. Unlike the never Trumpers, they are not part of the ruling class. They are part of the voting class.

Trump exposed the fake conservative columnists, as well as the Manchurian Republicans. Now, the Republican base has a much better picture of what we are dealing with within the Republican Party. Moreover, we can see the fake conservative journalists and columnists for precisely who and what they are. This is important because they will not put their masks back on after President Trump is reelected.

They have dug their graves.


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