There Can NEVER be a President Joe Biden: Crazy Joe Would Destroy the Oil Industry

By Greg Holt


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Letter from General Flynn. 

Joe Biden would “transition from the oil industry” and Kamala Harris openly supports banning fracking.


(TCP News)  Crazy Joe Biden’s plan to basically dismantle the oil industry is fraught with problems, and not just simple easily solved problems either.

This writer is all for the U.S. being a little less dependent on Big Oil.  But we cannot just turn away from the use of oil; that would be simply put – a fools errand.

Did you know that oil is used for far more then keeping engines running smoothly?

Oil and its derivatives are used to manufacture some 6,000 products!

So how would discontinuing the use of oil (all fossil fuels) as much as possible affect the U.S., or maybe more importantly you and me?

While we have access to synthetic oil for cars and trucks etc. (and it’s actually better then real oil), what about all the products we use daily that are made from oil?  Like say plastic.  How are all of these products going to be replaced?  What is the cost of doing this?  If emissions are the big deal here as alluded to by Biden, then how does the manufacture of replacement products affect emissions?

A lot of this claptrap of course revolves around the mistaken notion of climate change, what used to be known as global warming.  It needed a new name to get the masses wound up and scared so that people would buy into this false science moneymaking scheme.

How would all of this affect our economy?  What about the affect on jobs?  Cost of products and access to them?

While we already are capable of producing synthetic fuels, mass production and use of such is not possible or economically feasible right now or anytime soon.  Synthetic fuels will likely cause a need for modifications in automotive engines such as those made for Ethanol based fuels.  How do these fuels affect engines?

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Here is what you are not told:

Take Ethanol fuel as an additive to gasoline for example.  First, Ethanol production is expensive, and it’s not economical.  Second, it would fail completely without huge government subsidies.  Third, as it is an alcohol, engines had to be modified to burn it, and even with the modifications, some engines still have operational issues, I know, I had one.  Ethanol is also highly corrosive; engines running higher concentrations should have their oil changed much more frequently.

What about other synthetic fuels?  Are there similar issues with these fuels as well?

Where is all the money going to come from to build these pricy plants to make these fuels?

This is barely even the tip of the iceberg, what about the thousands of other products made from oil and its derivatives?  Biden and the other anti-oil, pro climate change nonsense people have clearly not thought this out at all.  As for Biden, his statement makes it all too clear that he has no idea what he is talking about, but hey – is anyone surprised?

Biden said:

“Eventually we’re going to have to [get rid of] oil, but we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels. We’re getting rid of the subsidies for fossil fuels, but we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time,” Biden said in response to a CNN reporter. “It will not be gone for … probably 2050.” (Source)

There are a few problems with that statement.

Most Fossil fuels come from oil, but we have to get rid of oil, but not fossil fuels.  Uh say again?

Synthetic fuels are derived from – wait for it, coal and natural gas among other sources.  These two sources also happen to be fossil fuels, oops.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, so is propane, and home heating oil – and they are used extensively in the U.S. for heating our homes and our water.  What is going to replace these fuels?  What is the cost going to be?  Sure you can replace all of this with electric heat etc.  Who is paying for the new appliances needed to replace all the ones that use the above fuels?  Where is the fuel coming from that will be used to generate the astronomical increase in electricity needed?  Improvements to the U.S. power grid that would have to be made?

I’m sorry to inform you Mr. Biden, but any thinking person can see that oil etc. is not going anywhere anytime soon.  If for no other reason then it is not even remotely practical.

Oh, one last thing – the U.S. is one the cleanest countries on earth despite all our cars etc.  The cleaner we become with “emissions,” the more countries like China and India saturate the air with pollution.

That is no coincidence.


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