There’s a Little-Known Law that Allows State Legislatures to Restore the “Will of the People” if an Election is Stolen

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According to an article from Revolver News, there’s a little-known law that allows a state’s legislature to enforce the “will of the people” if an election is ever stolen.

From Revolver

President Trump must continue his campaign. But the president must not act alone. State-level Republicans must rally behind him and conduct a full audit of the election results. If enough evidence of fraud is found, these state-level Republicans must be prepared to assemble state legislators in emergency sessions to choose slates of pro-Trump electors. Such an action is not illegal. In fact, in the fact of glaring illegality, it is both a constitutional and moral duty.

State legislators in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and other disputed states should declare openly, right now, that they will only accept a Joe Biden victory after a thorough and complete investigation of all potential voter fraud in every state where the electoral outcome is contested. If these investigations are obstructed by the left, then they can and must exercise their Constitutional power to choose electors that restore the will of the people.

This is not only a moral necessity to restore dignity and legitimacy to our nation’s electoral system — it is entirely constitutional. Having state lawmakers choose electors is not a new concept. Federal law already gives legislatures the exact power to do this. As most Americans know, the U.S. president is not elected directly by the public but is instead chosen by the Electoral College. Few people, though, know the exact manner in which the Electoral College chooses the president. The actual Electoral College election is governed by the Electoral Count Act, an 1887 law amended in 1948. Among other things, this law sets the exact day that the Electoral College meets: The Monday after the second Wednesday of December. On that day (December 14 in 2020) the chosen electors will assemble in each state and formally cast their votes.

This day is a hard deadline, fixed by federal law. States must have their electors chosen by then. In fact, the Electoral Count Act explicitly accounts for what to do if a disputed election or other problem means electors cannot be chosen by voters:

Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of choosing electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, the electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such a manner as the legislature of such State may direct. [Legal Information Institute]

In other words, federal law explicitly empowers state legislators to decide how a state’s electoral votes should be awarded, even after election day, if that election “failed to make a choice.” Certainly, such a “failure” would include a fraud-ridden election whose outcome cannot be trusted.

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This is an amazing way for the people in this country to fight back against this sham election.

It’s important that we are educated and know our rights!

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