There's No Doubt POTUS Has Been The Hardest Working Leader We've Had For A Long Time!

Pres. Trump has made many appearances as president, but not as many rallies as the fake news think.

According to my records, I make myself from Pres. Trump’s schedule, He has been part of 1047 events, not including TV and radio interviews, which are never shown on the agenda. Those events are speeches, rallies, ceremonies, spoken remarks at events, press conferences, tours, photo ops, outings, not including stuff with world leaders.

They also reported an additional 1421 meetings and round tables, where Trump often makes remarks and takes press questions even. I have another 630 meetings and phone calls with world leaders from both the schedule and readouts from when they published them for this, which they stopped doing in July 2018.


Multiple events may have occurred in meetings and days spent with any world leader – see the schedule for that day. Trump has done 198 press conferences mostly before and after marine one and Air Force One.

And a bunch of press briefing that I have separate from the press conferences and included in remarks, plus an additional 36 press conferences with a world leader. Trump had made 1175 remarks, not including press conferences.

Keeping track of all this stuff and copying and pasting all the content by hand has been a massive job for me and those things are just a part of what I did to document the Trump presidency on my computer for my knowledge.
There is no doubt in my mind Pres. Trump has been the hardest working president we’ve had in a very long time, if ever.

Many people don’t like Pres. Trump’s brash style as his hard bargaining tactic is meant to unsettle the opponents. However, it’s hard to find fault with what he has done and what he wants to do on polices.

Trump believes in lower taxes and smaller government (fewer regulations), energy independence, fair and equal trade (past administrations were too lenient with China in the elusive hope that prosperity would lead to a multi-party democratic system there), rigid policies against ISIS and Iran, secured borders and zero illegal immigration (that’s also a national security imperative), NATO allies paying their fair share of collective defense, law-and-order, sensible policies for clean air and water, not wasting taxpayers’ money on endless wars, infrastructure repairs, lower drug prices, new less costly health care plan without unconstitutional mandates while preserving pre-existing conditions feature, funding Black colleges, reforming the prison system, improving conditions in inner cities (Platinum Plan), and a strong military.

If a vast majority of people feel better off today than four years ago (despite unavoidable economic setback caused by pandemic), it’s hard to deny Trump a second term. Towards the end of the Obama/Biden administration, 70% of people felt the country was moving in the wrong direction, which led to non-politician Trump’s victory in 2016 against seasoned (but corrupt) Clinton.


Elites achieved their elite status in this country illegitimately. Freedom, liberty, and the opportunities that America presents under its founding principles to ALL citizens have the potential to dilute the elite status achieved by these leftists, not by their hard work and effort, but by popularity contests and pedigree.

Washington elites, the power and wealth they achieve, and their status as the ruling class are the result of the generational ascension of the families and close acquaintances of long-established Washington bloodlines. This very small group is dangerously embedded in the top tiers of our Federal Government. This retention of their status is what the fight against Pres. Trump and all of us is all about.

Their threats, scams, hoaxes, investigations, media and academia collaboration, lies, narratives, and massive propaganda campaigns have one intended purpose – POWER retention. They hate President Trump but make no mistake, they hate the millions of patriotic, hard-working, God-fearing, Americans that made Trump possible even more.

It’s time to help Pres. Trump finish the job he started – the one we sent him to Washington to do – and that’s to drain the cesspool that is Washington DC of these generational, entitled elites and replace them with America loving Patriots who believe in our Country, Constitution and founding principles.



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