These Are Nervous Times For The Party Of The KKK And Jim Crow

What’s truly sick is that you can’t be black and support a Republican for political office, or that use to be the case.

If a white person said that, they’d be told they are stereotyping or, worse, called a racist, as if the color of your skin means you have to be or act a certain way.


Want the truth? Biden is not appealing to Black Americans, no matter how hard they try. Democratic operatives knew this. They have to stimulate and energize the Blacks to vote for Biden en massa, which is why they revitalize the BLM movement and keep accusing the President of racist. Alas, not all Blacks buying it. In fact, it appears it is counterproductive as the BLM gives Blacks a bad name. If Dems are losing Blacks, it’s game over. Despite the push polls, Trump will win in a landslide. My worry is the Dem Party will commit massive voting fraud to steal the election.  The question is, will Republicans have the zeal and commitment to fight against it?

Democrats teamed with un-elected black exploiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who played on the ghettos with identity politics, but Pres. Trump is liberating them by showing them how to open the gates. Even the gays are seeing the light and walking towards it. The democrat answer to these events has been riots, massive vote-rigging fraud, and violent revolution attempts.

Black Americans today are understanding they have much more in common with Pres. Trump than Joe Biden and his pandering party. Trump’s common attribute is that he tries to empower those around him. Biden and his friends continue to make empty promises they have no intentions of keeping. This has happened repeatedly throughout the years, while Trump has delivered with concrete results since his election in 2016.

These are nervous times for the party of slavery and Jim Crow.

I saw a bunch of snowflakes on Twitter whining about Lil Wayne joining sides with Pres. Trump — saying he had “canceled himself,” etc. I started answering some of them, saying I thought Lil Wayne demonstrated courage and heaven forbid someone should have a different opinion, but I decided it was a waste of time.

Jack has put so many shadowbans and restrictions on conservatives that the ones who haven’t left the platform are vastly outnumbered — mainly because their tweets are not showing up in the feed (thanks to Jack’s algorithms).


Twitter is way worse than people realize. They play many different games, including manufacturing fake topics, suppressing pro-Trump or anti-Biden topics, restricting the accounts of people who support Trump, but doing it in such a way that it’s not obvious to the user.

In 2016 they shadowbanned almost ALL Trump-supporting accounts and got away with it. So naturally, they are emboldened to keep up the games.

Economic freedom is ALWAYS the answer.


This is where the GOP continually missteps–they push social issues and some faux morality instead of classically liberal motivations–self-dependence and economic freedom. THOSE are the things that transcend class, race, and any barrier that exists. And we’re maybe one of the last nations on earth that can say that, yet we need to teach our own countrymen that lesson daily.

I am highly skeptical and doubtful that enough black voters will change their voting patterns in such a short time, but it will happen. Many are coming around, but it may not be enough for this election. Old habits are hard to break, and years of propaganda will likely take years to undo.



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