These Chicago Patriots Just Sent Mike Lindell a Very Creative Message On The I-90 Overpass

When you think of Chicago, you don’t always think “MAGA COUNTRY” – well, unless you’re Jussie Smollett and trying to cook up a hoax.


But most rational and sane people will agree that Chicago is not a conservative hub by any stretch of the imagination.

So, that’s why when this sign was spotted above a freeway overpass, it was kind of a big deal.

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OANN reporter Jack Posobiec shared the image, which we’re told was displayed on the Kennedy Expressway I-90 in Chicago.

It’s a message to America’s First patriot and the CEO of “My Pillow,” Mike Lindell.

And it’s a perfect message – a GIANT perfect message.

Here’s what the sign says: “Heroes don’t wear capes…They sell pillows”

Check it out:

What an amazing tribute to a man who’s put everything on the line for his county, his supporters, and President Trump.


I hope he’s seen the sign, I know he’ll appreciate it.

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