"They Don't Address The Border And Don't Have A Plan For It"

I hear that HBO’s Bill Maher is a libertarian and that’s why he’s being a lot more comfortable in calling out Democrats and their weaknesses which are destroying America.

Over the past couple of years, I think I have been moving toward the libertarian side too with some of my thinking because calling out both sides is so much easier but that’s for another article.

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On Friday night, Maher went after Democrats on the border crisis and I truly believe I might have become a fan. I don’t care if he says something about the right anymore because he’s also slamming the left and that’s what needs to be done, more often than not.

Maher told his panelists, “It’s interesting. Because I keep reading about the Build Back Better bill. They want — we can’t — we don’t have enough workers, even if we passed it tomorrow. And because of all these supply chain problems, we don’t have building supplies. So, how are we going to build back better if we have no workers and no supplies?”

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Maher also added, “It’s a good idea, though. It’s always a good idea.”

Americans need to be INFORMED instead of indoctrinated. Too many are being led down a snake hole and then trapped instead of being given the information to research and make up their own minds on what needs to be done.

We know we have a crisis at the border but most Americans could give a flying fig because it isn’t hitting them in their pockets, just yet.



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