VIDEO: Third Incident in a Week Has People Wondering if LeBron is Unraveling Before Our Eyes

What’s happening to LeBron James? Is he literally losing it right before our eyes?


Is the stress getting to him? Here he is, faced with the notion that he’s “ruined” the NBA, after becoming the next “Colin Kaepernick” with his misguided activism and online bullying. He’s caused so much division and hate to flow, and his own teammates are now calling him out and turning against him.

Many fans point out that while King James may be an outstanding athlete, he’ll never be a beloved “Michael Jordan” type because he’s so divisive, unprofessional, and nasty.

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And now, many people feel like LeBron is unraveling. In just one week’s time, there have been three unsavory incidents involving LeBron.

First, he had that fight with the Piston’s player, that landed him with a one-game suspension. Then he had two fans thrown out of a game against the Pacers, and fans lashed out at him with a vengence.

Now, LeBron was just fined 15K for making an obscene gesture during his latest game.



Here are comments from folks online:

“That’s the difference between him and the GOAT Michael Jordon! Jordan never did things like that”

“He had people kicked out for heckling but then does shit like this? lol what a role model”

“He’s falling off the tracks at a rapid pace”

“Some people ask. what is the difference between LeBron and Michael Jordan? Michael had class.”

“Not worthy of the title “king” any more.”

“I do believe this individual’s behavior over the last month has been questionable at the very least first his irresponsible comments about the COVID -19;Virus and now this, all of a sudden we’re seeing a pattern emerge on the boarder line of miscreant behavior. Please do better.”

“But he got two fans kicked out for the same thing. Charming”

Clearly, this is not the behavior of a strong and focused professional athlete or league leader.

LeBron is losing his grip, and something is obviously eating away at him.


Maybe it’s time for LeBron to hang up his “activist shoes” and focus on playing basketball before he completely destroys his own brand and the NBA.

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