This 25-Second Video Proves There’s no “Crippling Fear” of Police...

We’re told over and over again that the police are causing “crippling” fear in communities.

We’re told that people are more afraid of the police than they are about the bad guys.

Yet, time and time again, we see poll after poll that tells us the opposite.


Americans are not afraid of the police and they don’t want to defund them either…in most cases, black communities want more police.

This idea that there’s some “massive police abuse” sweeping the nation is false. The numbers and the facts just don’t support that claim.

Are there some instances where police need retaining? Of course. They’re human beings and all humans have flaws and all policies need refreshing or updating, as well.

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But that doesn’t mean that the entire US police force is rotten. These are just talking points that Dems throw out there to keep their race-baiting narrative going.

And this 25-second video is a prime example of that….look at the way these citizens are treating police officers – this is not how people who have a “crippling fear” of “evil cops” actually behave.



BLM has done nothing for this country but divide us further, and endanger many American lives – all colors – and destroy people’s businesses and hopes.

So many people in this country right now have such hatred and disrespect for the police, and that will only lead to further negative incidents and strife down the road.

But honestly, that’s exactly what BLM wants…

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