"This is Devastating to Biden"

Things are getting so bad for Joe Biden that the mainstream media can’t hide the bad news anymore.


And it’s not just one network saying one thing.


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It’s all of them, finally caving and throwing their hands up as if to say, “we give in, he sucks.”

ABC has always been pretty hard on Joe Biden, but as of late, it’s gotten much worse, thanks to the Afghanistan disaster.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse in terms of Afghanistan, out came the Generals, to throw Biden under the bus.

ABC News said that incident was a “devastating blow” to Joe…and they’re right.


You can watch the video below:

Next up was CNN with a scathing report on the Biden admin, and how “toxic” they are, and how they don’t know what they’re doing.

And no, this was not about the Afghanistan disaster – this was about Joe’s nightmarish 3.5 trillion-dollar “Build Back Better” bill, that can’t seem to get its legs.


Next up was ABC once again, this time discussing how Democrats can’t trust one another and basically can’t stand each other.

That’s true…yet, they expect us to admire and follow them?


ABC was back again, and this time they said Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar spending bill is a mess.

They said it has no plan, no strategy, and no timing.



Honestly, at this point, Joe Biden is literally heading into “lame duck” territory.

He has no support, no popularity, he’s confused, bumbling, and the man has no mandate to speak of.


Politicians on his side are afraid to support him, for fear of getting pummeled for it back in their home district.

This is not the sign of a popular and beloved “president.”

It’s the exact opposite, and that’s why we’re 9 months in and already watching Joe Biden’s sham “presidency” crumble.

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