This New Conservative Group is Going After Joe With Sneaky "Guerrilla Tactics" ... And It's Working

When conservatives give up the goofy and useless “high road” mentality and start fighting dirty, we will eventually this war against the communist Democrats.


For far too long, conservatives have operated under this “we’re better than that” mentality, while the Dems steamrolled us all and took over our culture and our entire way of life.

And because of this supposed “moral high-ground” approach, Dems have infiltrated everything, from grade schools to churches, to the military and beyond.

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Conservatives have existed in this warped virtuous bubble, clinging to their pearls and pocket Constitutions, thinking somehow Dems would stop playing dirty once they realized how wrong they were.

What a fool’s game that was.


But there’s good news – it appears this failed line of thinking is finally changing.

There’s now a new conservative group that is using unconventional “guerilla-like” tactics to take down Joe Biden and his band of merry commies….and it’s actually working.

Fox News is reporting that a new conservative opposition research group is using unorthodox, and controversial, tactics to throw what it describes as “a big handful of sand” in the gears of the Biden administration — tactics it claims have been used effectively by the left for years.

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“I see the group right now as getting up every morning and with the goal of making it as difficult as possible for the Biden administration and their allies on the Hill to implement their agenda,” Tom Jones, founder of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), told Fox News in an interview.

“Our goal is to take a big handful of sand and throw it in the gears of the Biden administration, and that’s what we’re going to do every day,” he said.

Jones – who has worked in a number of research groups, as well as a legislative director for Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and for the 2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign – said the AAF differs from other opposition groups by not being client-based and instead is focused on causing trouble for the new administration.

And the group has already seen success…their tactics are working. The group was set up back in March and they’ve already used guerrilla-style tactics to infiltrate a Zoom training for congressional staffers on earmarks. The group leaked a video showing aides telling trainees that while “the optics” of a lawmaker steering an earmark to a campaign donor “look kind of bad,” the project could still be allowed under House rules.


The Fox piece goes on to say that the group also provided them transcripts that revealed that Biden’s nominee to lead the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Civil Rights Division had organized a conference that was used as a tool by radical anti-government activists to champion cop-killers and free violent criminals.

This is how we fight – we get in the gutters and we expose these people and we don’t stop. It’s kind of like “Project Veritas,” only with fewer “big headline” pieces, but that’s okay…we need to have this mentality now: how do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

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