This New “FBI Wanted Poster” Has Literally Lit the Internet On Fire...You’ll Love it

Okay, this is beyond hilarious.

A meme that’s setting the internet on fire depicts many prominent liberals and Rhino’s as Antifa thugs.


They make Obama look like a punk rock version of Harry Potter, Pelosi like the lead singer of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s, Lindsey Graham like Lord Farquaad and Kamala looks like an extra on Orange is the New Black.

But the best one of all is Ilhan Omar, because literally nothing was changed with her and yet she blends right in.

Check it out:

MORE NEWS: Why Does This Supposed “Conservative” Protest Flyer Look Like a Communist Designed It?

Of course, conservatives are going absolutely nuts over it:

Hard to believe that these are our so-called leaders! ?

I’m going to piss my ?!????

At first glance I thought this was real ?

Hildabeast looks better with spock ears

Omar just normal ????????

This post is absolute perfection!!! Thank you. ?

Barr looks like the cowardly lion. How appropriate! ???????

Check out Lindsey ??? I’m dead.


This is absolutely hilarious.

Definitely gave us a hearty chuckle that was much needed.

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