This Post-Debate Poll is the Absolute Worst News Biden Could Have Ever Gotten

Our propaganda news media will be doing a lot of spinning for Dementia Joe after that ridiculous debate performance of his.

Joe couldn’t handle President Trump on his own, so he had Chris Wallace – the supposed moderator – providing cover for him.


We’ve all seen the press beat up on Trump and go easy on a Democrat, right? It’s not anything new, but Chris Wallace turned it into an Olympic sport and he was going for the GOLD…and he won it.

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So, yes, expect to see the media fawn over Biden’s subpar performance, while they critique Trump left and right.

This is just par for the course at this point.

But here’s the good news…If you step outside of the DC swamp bubble, you’ll see the truth and get a feel for what Americans are really thinking.

And this particular poll that I stumbled upon online is probably the worst news ever for Joe Biden…not only is it from Telemundo, but it’s a poll of Spanish speaking viewers and they were asked who they thought won tonight’s debate…

And they’re response was a landslide for Trump.

It’s 34% thought Biden won, and a whopping 66% thought Trump won.


Could this news be any worse for Biden who is already struggling with Hispanic voters?

He just can’t connect with these voters, and I’ll tell you why…Because the left has gone completely insane and are embracing communism and socialism, and many Hispanic voters know first hand what a bad idea that is and are rejecting it flat-out.

Also, contrary to popular belief – people who came here the legal way, don’t appreciate it when others cheat and do it the wrong way, so Joe’s “freebies for all illegal aliens” is not a winning message for these hard-working Hispanic folks.


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