This Spooky Photo Of Jill Biden From the DNC Convention Says Everything You Need to Know About the Biden Campaign

During the 2016 campaign, Hillary was definitely boosted by the media. But there was something very different about her campaign compared to Biden.

Hillary may have been a cruddy candidate, but her campaign was real, and she was clearly calling the shots. Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton is articulate and can get her twisted message out without ever batting an eye – of course, the coughing sometimes got in the way – but the comparison between Biden’s run and Hillary’s is a stark one.

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Biden isn’t in control of anything. It’s obvious to anyone who is a serious-minded person that Joe is suffering from some very deep cognitive issues. His campaign has such a phony “smoke and mirrors” vibe, and his wife Jill seems more like a “nurse/handler” than a potential first lady.

The campaign shifts between this very slow and handicapped vibe to frantic, nervous energy with no normal-paced middle ground in between.

Which brings me to this photo I spotted online.

I thought it really captured the very essence of Biden’s campaign.

It’s a photo of Joe and Jill at the DNC Convention – the lighting is weird and gives them this “Sanatic Ritual” look, but besides that creepiness, take a look at Jill’s eyes.

She has a look of absolute horror in her eyes – that frantic, nervous, and terrified energy…while standing next to her is Joe, looking dazed and confused.

Jill and Joe DNC
Jill eyes closeup

And what about the bulging muscles in her neck, too?

This photo tells me that the real “campaign pressure” is on Jill.

She’s the one trying to hold this whole “dog and pony show” together.  She, better than anyone, knows how bad-off her husband is, and yet, she’s still out there trying to portray him like a “strong leader.”  It has to be emotionally draining and absolutely terrifying of her. Lying is not easy, is it?

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One wrong move and her entire house of cards will come tumbling down.

And then there’s Joe – just lost – completely unaware of all that’s going on around him, stumbling around like a bull in a china shop knocking over Jill’s house of cards without even realizing what he’s doing.


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