Democrats Know This Election Is Lost; Keep Your Eye On What They Do Next!

Pelosi is finally facing some serious repercussions for her blatant disregard of the COVID policies that she pushes on the rest of us peasants.

At the time of writing this article, over 17,000 people have signed a petition for  San Francisco Police Chief William Scott to prosecute Pelosi for her COVID violations when she visited a salon without a face covering.

From The Daily Mail

A petition is gaining traction demanding Nancy Pelosi be prosecuted for ‘COVID violations’ after she was seen in a hair salon without a mask last week.

At least 16,000 people have signed the petition with a 20,000 signature goal urging San Francisco Police Chief William Scott to prosecute the Speaker of the House.

The petition includes a letter addressed to the police chief that says, ‘Laws aren’t just for the ”little people.”’

‘Not only did Nancy Pelosi knowingly violate health ordinances, but just destroyed a business because she couldn’t take a ounce of responsibility.

‘At a very minimum, Nancy Pelosi must be prosecuted by San Francisco for her flaunting of COVID regulations. Now!’

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Here’s the link if you’d like to sign the petition.

Pelosi should 100% face the consequences for not only violating a federal mandate but for also attacking a small business owner.

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