Tomi Lahren Has Just Reached The End of Her Rope...And She's Pissed Off...

The great thing about America First is that it finally allowed us to take care of our home, instead of focusing on everyone else and making their lives better and their country’s richer while we suffer in silence.


But sadly, the global elitists sent Pressienet Trump away, and now we’re stuck with Obama’s 3rd globalist term and once again, Americans don’t matter.

And nowhere is that example more clear than at the US southern border, where a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions is unraveling.

The first victims are all the innocent migrant children being used as pawns and trafficked.

The next victims that suffer most are the American people.

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We have people flooding into our home who are not tested for COVID and who are living in massively cramped quarters, while Dem politicians tell us we need to wear TWO masks and can’t see our families.

We have homeless Americans and vet heroes on the streets living in filth, while Joe Biden is spending $400 a night to house illegal aliens in hotels across America.

If you don’t recognize how wrong that is, you’re probably a soulless communist.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.


There is NOTHING compassionate about promising foreigners “freebies” and then sitting back and shrugging your shoulders after they actually take you up on your offer.

That’s actually cruel and it needs to stop.

And that’s exactly what Tomi Lahren is saying and why she’s so fed up.

Like you and me, she’s at the end of her rope, and she’s speaking some harsh, but very real truth.

Here’s what she said in a recent tweet: “We owe illegals NOTHING. Stop teaching them, stop funding them with taxpayer dollars, stop letting them in!!! This is insanity.”

Sorry to anyone who might be offended, but she’s right.

We owe these people nothing.

Absolutely nothing. The only people we owe anything to are Americans.

All of these so-called migrants look well-fed, and most of them are better-dressed than any homeless American I’ve ever seen.


They’ve got cell phones and fancy backpacks, nice shoes, and all the “comforts” that you don’t expect to see on “desperately struggling” people.

The most compassionate thing we can do for these migrants is — send them back home.

They are not coming here to “save” themselves.

They’re coming here to get freebies from Dems.

They know Dems will do anything to buy their vote and that’s why they’re coming…these are not stupid people. They know they can milk Dems for a lot of goodies.

This isn’t rocket science…we all know what’s going on.

Enough is enough.

They need to go back, and our focus must be on Americans who desperately need help and support right now, especially after these tyrannical lockdowns have destroyed so many lives.



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