Top Conservative Calls For Arrest of Lin Wood, Over Alleged Abuse Against Kyle Rittenhouse 

Big legal cases can mean big headaches. And believe it or not, but things can get even more stressful if the verdict is “not guilty.” Think about it, if you’re guilty, you just go away to your cell and everyone pretty much goes back to their normal lives.


But if you’re innocent, you can suddenly find yourself embroiled in more legal webs, scandals, and even battles.

That’s what Kyle Rittenhouse is discovering right now, as tensions get heated between him and his former attorney’s Lin Wood and John Pierce.

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Kyle called out both Lin Wood and John Pierce for what he says they did to him. Alleged abuses which include:

– leaving him in jail for 87 days

– separating him from his family

– using him as a cause

– disrespecting his wishes

– setting up irresponsible media interviews

– raising money for their own benefit


Many conservatives are angry, and lashing out at Lin Wood.

Sebastian Gorka is now calling for Lin Wood to be arrested for fraud and abetting the false imprisonment of Kyle Rittenhouse.


Here’s what Gorka said: “Lin Wood should be charged with fraud and aiding and abetting the false imprisonment of Kyle Rittenhouse.”

I don’t know what happened, but I can say that if any of this is true, both Mr. Wood and Mr. Pierce are scumbags.

However, I think it’s only fair that we hear Mr. Wood’s side of things and see what he has to say.


And I also think – just to be safe – any money Lin raised for “fighting the 2020 election” should be investigated just to make everyone feel better.

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