Trump and Biden Held Dueling Press Conferences...and What Happened Speaks Volumes

Do you ever just wonder how the heck Biden secured one of the most epic wins in presidential history?


I mean really, a guy who can’t even form a coherent sentence somehow pulled over 80 million people to the polls?

It definitely doesn’t add up and every day there’s something else that comes up which brings Biden’s “epic win” into more question.

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Recently, Biden held a press conference on COVID-19, where he received a measly 9,000 views on the official WH YouTube channel.

Now in comparison, Trump also held a press conference on his plans to sue social media tech giants, which garnered over 200,000 views on RSBN, on Rumble.


Yet, they want us to believe that this Bumbling Joe got over 80 million votes?

It just doesn’t make sense and anyone who believes this baloney is simply blinded by their hatred of President Trump.

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