Trump and Biden Now Neck-n-Neck in Minnesota....First Time in 48 Years a Republican Could Win the State

Remember when the fake news media made it seem as if Trump had no chance of winning, whatsoever?

of course, you remember because it was just a few weeks ago.

What a difference 21 or so days make, right?

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Now, Trump is up to 51% approval in the latest Rasmussen poll – which is hilarious, since the DNC convention usually gives the “home team” the bump.

And now, things are looking even more grim for Team Dementia…The new Minnesota poll is out and Trump and Biden are tied…which actually means, Trump’s ahead because we know how absurdly skewed these polls are.

But this huge, because a Republican hasn’t won the state of Minnesota in 48 years. If Trump can pull this one off, it’ll be amazing. I think he has a real shot, especially in light of all these violent Democrat riots.

From Bizpacreview

A stunning new poll shows President Trump tied with Democrat Joe Biden in Minnesota — a longtime Democrat stronghold that hasn’t been won by a Republican since 1972.

The poll of 1,141 likely voters was conducted from August 15-18 by the Trafalgar Group.

The survey shows that 46.5% of respondents said they plan to vote for Trump. Meanwhile, 46.9% of respondents plan to vote for Biden.

The survey has a 2.98% margin of error, which puts Trump and Biden in a statistical tie.

If President Trump won Minnesota, it would be a landmark victory, since it would be the first time in 48 years that the reliably-blue state would carry a Republican. In 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton won Minnesota by a narrow 1.5%.

What’s noteworthy about the Minnesota poll (aside from it being a longtime blue state) is that Minnesota was the birthplace of the latest Black Lives Matter protests and riots.

George Floyd died on May 25 during a confrontation with Minneapolis police. His death was the catalyst for the countless Black Lives Matter protests, riots, lootings and uprisings in Democrat-controlled cities across the United States.

Imagine how mad Ilhan Omar will be if she has to represent a RED state 🤣

I can’t think of a better reason to go all out and make sure we flip Minnesota, can you?


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