Trump-Hater Lisa Murkowski Has Just Reached The End of Her Political Rope 

Well, she had a good run – not really – she was a disaster, but it looks like Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has finally reached the end of her political rope.


Yes, after years of working her tail off to disrupt and sabotage President Trump – even voting for his impeachment – Lisa Murkowski appears to be in the biggest political mess of her embarrassing and lackluster career.

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You may remember that President Trump vowed to go to Alaska to campaign for the GOP challenger who stepped up to dethrone the worthless GOP establishment politician.

Well, he may not have to make the trek, because Lisa is already in such deep water with her primary challenger, that the election looks like it’ll be a blowout.


Lisa Murkowski has a “double-digit” mess on her hands.

From Red State

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has marked her own path since entering the Senate. That path has usually been to bend the knee to Democrats and try to toe lines that simply can’t be toed. Murkowski has supported Obamacare, voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, voted for expanded abortion access, supported amnesty and the DREAM Act, and most recently, voted to confirm Biden’s Director of the Department of the Interior, a man who had pointedly stumped for hurting the energy sector in states like Alaska. She also voted to impeach Donald Trump, a move that earned her censure.

Recently, Murkowski gained a challenger in Kelly Tshibaka, the current Alaskan Commissioner of Administration for Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy (see AK Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka Announces Her Candidacy to Challenge Lisa Murkowski). Now, with the battle lines drawn, we have our first polling of the race, and it’s not good news for the incumbent.

Here’s the polling info:

A Cyngal poll published on Monday found that anti-Trump Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, is not faring well on favorability in her home state.

Kelly Tshibaka, the Alaska Republican Commissioner of Administration and Murkowski’s primary challenger, scored highest in a ballot test with 33.6 percent. Murkowski came in third with almost 19 percent, losing second place to the 21 percent of respondents who are “undecided.” Almost 18 percent backed the Democratic challenger Al Gross.

Murkowski’s favorability rate, according to the poll, is 33 percent. Among Republicans alone, that rate sinks to 10 percent. Tshibaka scored a 61 percent approval rating among both Trump supporters and Republicans as a whole.

Obviously, we still have a ways to go – things will really heat up in about a year.

Many point out that Lisa has lost her primary before, but ended up winning her seat with a “write-in” campaign.

I argue that times are much different now, and Lisa has exposed who she is, and she can’t go back.


She’s eeked by before when people still weren’t sure exactly what she was up to – but after 2020 so much has changed and I predict Lisa will not survive this next election.

In all honestly, Murkowski was done the moment she voted with Dems and other RINOs to convict President Trump in that ridiculous sham impeachment.


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